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You have got until next Sunday, then I will open the voting, okay?
I am soooo sorry guys! I have been so sick and busy that it had slipped my mind!

well then, shall we start the voting or do we need a extension for a week or two?
shall we settle for:

Categorised under:

100:points: and a coloured drawing from me and theanimecat10
A line art from RebeccaProductions
50:points: and a lineart from me and theanimecat10
A line art from RebeccaProductions
15:points: and a sketch from me and theanimecat10
A line art from RebeccaProductions

Judged by:
Voting as a group

July 31st (will extend if people think it is too short.)

if someone else wants to contribute prizes or donate points to the contest, they are free to<3

how about that for a contest? is there anything to change?

thank you to those who contributed ideas!

People entering:
seeing on how Miss Remi has not gotten into contact with me, I guess I am the new founder?
I wanted to ask you guys....

do you want me to open up a contest? if so, what theme? also, I will need a helper for judging.


Bluejotain suggested that I put up a group voting for the entires instead of two judges, how about that idea?
Ashbender suggested that we split the contest into categories.

((I might put other people suggestions up there to.))

Well you guys, it cannot be Summer due to another group doing that theme and to prevent cheating on both groups.

charcargo has suggested we do a school theme, how about that?
only little changes have been made, as some of you may know, :icond0ggypaws: has stepped down from being the founder, I have taken control for now, unless :iconemmysboots: wants the role.

and hopefully the fanfics folder should be open.

any suggestions that may help this new founder?

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